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Posted by Canadan82 on May 04, 2012
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Welcome to The Union Blue. A fresh look for a group of Columbus Blue Jackets fans dedicated to bringing in depth coverage on the team to their fellow fans. While we are at the end of another disappointing season, hope for a new beginning, better players, and better results is on the horizon.

Here are some of the features you can look forward to:

Podcast :: Scheduled to begin later in the year, The Union Blue will be unleashing a minimum of one regularly scheduled podcast relating to current Blue Jackets topics. We hope to bring additional information soon on a project we are very excited to begin.

Forum :: Coming VERY soon. Here you’ll find all kinds of Blue Jackets discussion, Union Blue events, and an opportunity to go back and forth with fellow Blue Jackets fans on a multitude of topics including community events.

Prospect Database :: During the last year, Carry the Flag provided a tremendous weekly prospect update by popular twitter prospect follower @CBJProspects. We are excited to bring him on board to continue this weekly update on the teams youth, along with a constantly updated prospect twitter database.

Detailed Transaction Information :: You will find actively updated salary cap info, historical trade information, free agent signing information, historical draft selections, and waiver signings/losses in the transactions drop down menu above.

Day-to-Day Coverage :: We hope to provide daily updates to the site regarding the Blue Jackets as the next season nears. There is always a lot of exciting activities throughout the summer like the draft and free agency, and the Union Blue intends to be right in the thick of it all.

Union Blue Events :: Much like the popular TweetUp events this year, the Union Blue intends to orchestrate (or at least be strongly involved in) events related to the team. We recognize the power of TweetUps and want to see events like that continue into next season. Keep an eye on the Union Blue forum Calendar!

So Carry the Flag, Ignite the Night, March On, and bleed Union Blue for the new era of Columbus Blue Jackets hockey.

-The Union Blue Team

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  • I love what I am seeing here. This is great and I am really excited to see what people have to say through the off season and into the new season.

    One suggestion, if possible, it would be really nice to be able to search within the trades or other transactions pages. I know i could use ‘Ctrl + f’ but if i am stuck using a mac i don’t know the command

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