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Posted by AlisonL on January 22, 2013
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What happens when your favorite NHL hockey team places a priority on social media? Well – you get some pretty cool things happening. We’ve seen Trivia Tuesday’s, real-time practice blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram sites from the Blue Jackets, but as a start to the 2013 season, our friends at Nationwide Arena unveiled something completely new – the CBJ Social Station. If you were online during last night’s home opener, perhaps you saw a new hashtag floating around: #CBJSocial¬†– that refers to a suite reserved by the organization for fans who want to be engaged in social media while enjoying some Blue Jackets’ hockey. Do you want to be there? Well you do if you answer yes to any of the following questions:

  • Do you hate it when your smart phones die and there’s nowhere to charge them?
  • Are you that person who goes to twitter to see if that horrific call by the refs was truly horrific or just you being a homer?
  • Would wifi inside Nationwide Arena be an answer to figurative or literal pleadings to a higher power?
  • Do you like to meet other fans and talk hockey?
  • Do you love the Columbus Blue Jackets?

    @Canadan82 enjoys the #CBJSocial Experience

    @Canadan82 enjoys the #CBJSocial Experience

The Social Station takes care of all of these things and more. ¬†Last night, some CBJ bloggers and #CBJSocial ticket winners from the first round of giveaways during Saturday’s game watching parties were fortunate enough to walk into a suite with Papa John’s pizza (natch!), snacks, drinks, comfortable seating and…here’s where it gets even better…wifi, charging stations, amazing views of the scoreboard and a tv for replay and updates on other NHL games and our very own bathroom (sometimes it’s the little things). We were even by a staircase that dumps you right by the Cannon – perfect for making it to the first intermission TweetUps.

I found the Social Station to be a truly unique way to enjoy a game. Want to catch up on twitter or Facebook? No problem. Want to stretch your legs? No problem. Want to debate a call or a point of order hockey-style with equally passionate fans? No problem. Want to Skype with your buddy who can’t make it to the game? No.. Problem!!!

The silly little things (off-ice!) that can bother us were all addressed. And that left us able to focus on the game, cheer loud and enjoy some hockey. I think it all speaks to a huge step by the Blue Jackets. John Davidson has acknowledged that while we build a lasting foundation for the organization, the fans who “enjoy the ride” will be duly rewarded with a winning team. It looks like the team is starting those rewards early. They’ve set up a way to thank fans and help promote what the team is doing all at the same time. It’s a fresh and open communication channel on behalf of CBJ hockey.

So how can YOU enjoy #CBJSocial? It’s an opportunity for everyone. Throughout the season watch for the Blue Jackets and some of our CBJ blogging family (including the Union Blue) to be offering ways for everyone to win seats in the Social Station. If you win, you simply have to show up, and share your experience via social media – any channel you choose.

Stay tuned for upcoming ways to get tickets and thanks to everyone at the Blue Jackets who made this happen!

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