Money on the Board Recap – Columbus @ Dallas 4/25

Posted by AlisonL on April 26, 2013
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Ask yourself honestly – if someone had told you in January of 2013 that the Blue Jackets would be in contention for a playoff spot, would you have believed them? What this roster of players has done this year is nothing short of amazing. A group of guys that pretty much every major media outlet slotted into 30th in the league refused to listen to the naysayers. They fought their way through a compressed schedule, crisscrossing the country to play 48 games of hockey on little rest. Somehow, these guys, these Blue Jackets, now find themselves battling the Detroit Red Wings and Minnesota Wild for 8th in the Western Conference and last night, in the latest in a string of “must win” games, the team stepped up and delivered once again – bringing home the 3-1 win.

So pick your adjective – stunning, shocking, wonderful, amazing, timely, deserved, due – whatever you choose, the Blue Jackets are it. This isn’t the team we’ve seen in years past – where sometimes we as fans felt like we wanted success more than they did – this is the team that demands respect and demands success. So what is a fan base to do? Well, we wanted to find a way to send a love letter to this team – to let them know what it means to see them build this kind of season of hockey. We’ve stood behind this team for a long time, this kind of run is what we’ve hoped for. So what better way to do that then to help the community in which this team resides while celebrating all that the boys in Union Blue have done. Thus, the second Money on the Board was born, and it caught like wildfire.

As of this morning, the final tallies are in:

  • 140 people (and two dogs) pledged a charitable donation in name of the Blue Jackets
  • $5,128.35 will be donated
  • Receiving charities include: The Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation, the Red Cross, Mid-Ohio Food Bank, Paige’s Princess Run, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Human Society,, Lymphoma & Leukemia Society, Ashland Animal Rescue Fund, Ohio SPCA, You Can Play, One Fund Boston,, and the Ronald McDonald House
  • Two donations of blood shall be made
  • Two acts of community service (including one week of volunteerism) shall be completed
  • The Blue Jackets Foundation collected $10 for each of Bob’s 31 saves 
  • At least $39 per goal was donated, with another $87 for each of Cam’s goals, plus $259 for Letestu’s game winning goal
  • Plus many, many more donations made for shots, assists, faceoff wins, fights, and just about every other stat counted at a hockey game (and even some that aren’t)
  • Pledges are still being made for a Dallas win over Detroit on Saturday!


As we’ve watched the #CBJMotB hashtag on twitter these last few days, what it says about this team and this fan base is nothing short of amazing. What we have here is a team that will not quit, and a fan base that is committed to their team and that cares about the community. Fans made pledges for their favorite players’ accomplishments but also to help many other people. Whether a pledge was $1 or $100 it made a difference to someone.

The Blue Jackets now return home for their final game Saturday, tied with Minnesota and trailing Detroit by one point for the final playoff spot. The team needs to win out to have their shot at getting in to the playoffs. But, win or lose on Saturday, playoffs or no, what this team has done is nothing short of remarkable. The team, through their toughness and effort has changed the national story line of the Columbus Blue Jackets. To see this happen, and to see the fans rise up to support the team, has been amazing. Every Blue Jacket fan has reason to be proud of their team, and of one another.

Carry the Flag, indeed, fellow Blue Jackets fans!

P.S. If you are making a donation to the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation, you may do so online HERE

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4 Comments to Money on the Board Recap – Columbus @ Dallas 4/25

  • Dalton Prout finished even for +/- but I am going to add five for fighting. Take it to the Preds and take it to the playoffs!

  • Wrote this to the Puck Podcast after last nights Elimination:

    Doug & Eddie

    It would be easy to just scream and moan about the way in which the Blue Jackets were eliminated from contention in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Scott Howson did make the rule in which the Jackets were eliminated, Kinda Ironic Eh? Since March first the Jackets were 19-5-5 included 7 of the last 8 which in my short tenure as a Hockey fan is un-bleeping-believable, led by a core of youth including Cam Atkinson, Matt Calvert, Ryan Johansen and Dalton Prout. The Blue Jackets seemed like a dream team, that even now no one would have wanted to play in the first round. Sadly it was not enough to get out of the 5-12-2 start the CBJ had in the beginning of this shortened season. One of the best showing of the support the Jackets Fan had was a Money On the Board Pledge. It was used to inspire a Blue Jackets victory against Dallas (which they did 3-1) 140 (and two dogs) pledged to various charities in the area most notably the Columbus Blue Jackets Foundation, The Red Cross, and the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. The fans alone raised $5,128.35 for those charities with the CBJ win.

    What does this mean?

    John Davidson, and Jarmo Kekalainen have changed the culture in the organization, and have inspired chemistry and loyalty from those earning a paycheck. It also proves that beyond the 19,002 watching the game from the stands, that Columbus is bursting at the seams for a winner, and would gladly hoist the Jackets on her shoulder and prance around showing the other “city girls” it’s winning hockey team.

    I’ll end by quoteing Aaron Portzline, beat writer for the Blue Jackets. I wanted to say something at the end but, Aaron’s is perfect and says everything

    “About two hours after last night’s game ended, three mini-dozers came through the Zamboni entrance and started ripping up the ice, always a depressing scene.
    Another hockey season has ended in Columbus … but this was not like so many of the others.”

    Marc Humker
    Columbus, Ohio
    Twitter – @UnionMarc

    • Well said. We may not have the playoffs to look forward to but we still have next year.
      Even with the ‘Howson Rule’, we still would have lost the tiebreaker since the Wild had more wins.

      As far as the change in culture, JD and JK have helped change it but give credit to JJ, Dubinsky, Foligno, and the other guys in the locker room that came together and refused to give up night after night. Give that Bob fellow some credit for helping too. From my view, the change started with Vinnie calling out the team early last season, moved on with the arrival of JJ and took off this season. Injuries and player moving on and coming in changed nothing in the never say die attitude. And don’t forget the Falcons had the 2nd best record in the AHL this season and have won the first two games in the playoffs in OT, so the winning is endemic in the organization not just at the NHL level.

      If they bring the effort and play like a team next season, win or lose, they will be a fun to watch and cheer for. And it will only be a matter of time for the winning to arrive for good in Nationwide.

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