The Union Blue 2013 Mock Draft

Posted by The Coach on June 12, 2013

It’s June, so you know what that means: NHL Draft time! Who cares about the actual hockey being played when we can dream about whatever shiny new players Jarmo and JD will be acquiring. With that in mind, we look ahead to the 2013 NHL Draft (well some of us are ALWAYS looking ahead to the draft). CBJProspects and myself have put together our own mock drafts. However, we each took a little different approach to it. I did your standard mock draft. I broke down who each team should pick in each slot. CBJProspects took an entirely CBJ perspective. His picks are who he believes the Jackets should select if they somehow ended up in every slot in the draft. So let us know what you think, who you want the Jackets to draft (or not draft), or just any thoughts on any of these youngsters in general.

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* The 29th and 30th picks will flip if the Bruins defeat the Blackhawks.

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  • Definitely hoping we grab Domi, Mantha, and/or Horvat. Would also be phenomenal if Wennberg drops that far, he’s not too far off from Forsberg last year. I think Jarmo may have to swing some trades to move up a spot or 2 in the draft to grab some of these players. I’m curious why you (and many others) think Horvat is going to go so high. He’s basically a more skilled Boone Jenner at best, which seems to me to be worth of a mid to late first round selection in a deep draft. I would be thrilled to see the Jackets pick him, but not before #19. I’m also curious what your thoughts on Burakowsky are as you obviously have a high opinion of him. I heard that because of his struggles playing against men that he sticks to the perimeter. Reminds me of a certain phenomenally talented Russian a few year back. Certainly Burakowsky has a phenomenal skillset though and likely isn’t Filatov 2.0, but it seems riskier to pick him compared to some of the North American high scorers.

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