The Union Blue 2013 Mock Draft

Posted by The Coach on June 12, 2013

It’s June, so you know what that means: NHL Draft time! Who cares about the actual hockey being played when we can dream about whatever shiny new players Jarmo and JD will be acquiring. With that in mind, we look ahead to the 2013 NHL Draft (well some of us are ALWAYS looking ahead to the draft). CBJProspects and myself have put together our own mock drafts. However, we each took a little different approach to it. I did your standard mock draft. I broke down who each team should pick in each slot. CBJProspects took an entirely CBJ perspective. His picks are who he believes the Jackets should select if they somehow ended up in every slot in the draft. So let us know what you think, who you want the Jackets to draft (or not draft), or just any thoughts on any of these youngsters in general.

PickTeamCoach's PickCoach's Mock DraftCBJ Should PickCBJProspects Mock Draft
1AvalancheSeth JonesNot sure why there are any questions here. Jones is pretty close to a unanimous top player in the draft, the Avs need d bad, and Jones first learned hockey from Joe Sakic.Seth JonesJones and Ryan Murray could eventually become the Jackets version of Suter-Weber. Jones is the best of a strong group of mobile defensemen in this draft. Jones is an all around talent being that the only thing he lacks is a nasty streak but the rough stuff doesn't intimidate him.
2PanthersNathan MacKinnonMacKinnon is an amazing all around talent, and would be 1st overall caliber in just about any other season. He's a centerpiece player.Nathan MacKinnonMacKinnon is a well rounded player with the best first three step quickness a scout has ever seen for a draft eligible player. MacKinnon could be the franchise center the Jackets have been looking for since day one.
3LightningJonathan DrouinJust a notch below MacKinnon to me, as he is more a playmaker. Drouin to Stamkos could rival Oates to Hull in NHL lore.Jonathan DrouinJonathan Drouin became the flavor of the month with his season ending 29 game point streak. Despite only playing 49 games due to injuries, Drouin led the QMJHL in scoring with 105 points. Drouin would be an elite talent whenever he would make it to Columbus if the Jackets could somehow get this high.
4PredatorsAleksandr BarkovHas been called the best Finnish prospect ever by numerous people. Was a top ten scorer in SM-Liiga, even though he's barely old enough to be eligible for the 2013 draft. Would be a #1 overall candidate in most years.Valeri NichushkinNichuskin despite having the "Russian Factor" has pretty much told the NHL "I'm coming over don't worry about the KHL". Nichushkin is a 6'4" Russian condor who is an excellent skater that generates power with his stride and has excellent vision. I've heard people say if he wasn't Russian he'd be the top pick.
5HurricanesValeri NichushkinThe comparison being thrown around for Nichushkin has been Evgeni Malkin. A little risk with the KHL, but their commitment to Semin shows they are willing to take it.Aleksandr BarkovBarkov is a Finnish-Russian hybrid scoring 48 points in 53 SM-Liiga Games before suffering a shoulder injury. Barkov finished in the leagues top 10 scorers. Barkov is a big kid at 6'3" and he sets the tempo for the game.
6FlamesElias LindholmHey guess what? Another future superstar. Already a top 30 scorer in a men's league, Lindholm finished 29th in SEL scoring. He's a no brainer here, the last franchise caliber player left. This draft is ridiculously good.Elias LindholmElias Lindholm is a strong two-way player who's responsible defensively and being more physical than you think he'd be at 5'11". Lindholm scored 30 points in 48 games with Brynas of the Swedish Elite League.
7OilersDarnell NurseLooks to be a shutdown defender who can move the puck. A perfect fit for Edmonton, who still lack elite talent on the blueline.Sean MonahanMonahan played on a bad Ottawa team but showed strong character playing with a back injury. Monahan makes those around him better with his hockey sense being his best attribute.
8SabresHunter ShinkarukWhile a little small, he's a pure scorer who has been ripping up the WHL for a couple years now.
Elite scoring talent is tough to pass up.
Darnell NurseDonavan McNabb's nephew (no really), Nurse is a bruising dman compared to Chris Pronger. Nurse is more than a bruiser, he skates well and can move the puck. Nurse jumped to 12 goals after scoring only 1 last season.
9DevilsSean MonahanA great two way player already, he projects as a guy who can put up points while logging the tough minutes. Great fit for the Devils.Hunter ShinkarukSkinakurk is small sniper who's scored 177 points the last two seasons. Shinakurk's skating skill is his best attribute, being very explosive with good hands.
10StarsRasmus RistolainenThe Stars have holes all over the place, but the defense may be the biggest question mark. Ristolainen should be a minute munching all purpose defenseman. Soon too, as he's already got two years of pro experience in the SM-Liiga.Bo HorvatBo Horvat (great name, point already) sounds like a Boone Jenner clone whose stock has rose with his strong play in the OHL Playoffs. This includes scoring the series clinching goal with a tenth of a second remaining sending the Knights to the Memorial Cup.
11FlyersBo HorvatI love Bo Horvat. He's a do-it-all forward who can kill penalties, play tough minutes, win faceoffs, throw the body around, and put up points. I really hope he's on the board when the Jackets pick, but can't see him falling too far out of the top ten.Nikita ZadorovYou read the name Nikita Zadorov and probably cower in fear. Well calm down CBJ fans, Zadorov is a monster dman that is considered a project. Zadorov skates well and is a punishing presence.
12CoyotesNikita ZadorovHe'll go high just for his physical attributes. 6'5, 230 lb players as mobile as him go high just on principle. He's a shutdown defender, highly prized by the defense-conscious Coyotes.Rasmus RistolainenRasmus Ristolainen is a bruising Finnish dman that has a nasty side but can do it without drawing attention from referees. While being a bruiser, Rasmus actually led TPS dmen in scoring with 15 points but scouts would prefer he stick to his game.
13JetsRyan PulockA solid two way defender, possessing good puck-moving ability, an absolute cannon of a shot, and the skills needed to run a top notch powerplay. He'll make a great top pair with Bogosian in a couple years.Max DomiTie Domi's son but unlike his father, Max is a skill player. Despite standing 5'10" he plays like he's 6'2", a tireless worker that's relentless on the puck.
14Blue JacketsMax DomiThe most talented player left on the board. The Jackets need some of that, and Domi brings passion and work ethic with his skill. Only downside is his size, but players with his other attributes go in the top five if they are 6' or taller.Anthony ManthaNumber one on my CBJ draft list. Mantha was one of only 3 CHL players to score 50 goals last season using his 6'4 frame to his advantage. Mantha would be a size and skill upgrade that the Jackets prospect corps desperately needs.
15IslandersAndre BurakowskySpeedy winger would be a great fit on Long Island. They look to be highly valuing team speed, and that's Burakowsky's calling card.Andre BurakowskyA great player from blueline to blueline. Burakowsky can change the pace of a game and can create space thanks to his speed.
16Sabres (from Wild)Valentin ZykovTalented Russian tore up the QMJHL in his first season there. Sabres are in dire need of talent and Zykov should be a good second line scorer in the NHL.Valentin ZykovA Russian that plays a North American Style game, a sturdy kid that's not afraid to go into the dirty areas. Zykov was the QMJHL's rookie of the year scoring 75 points including 40 goals.
17SenatorsCurtis LazarLazar is another do-it-all forward like Monahan and Horvat, just a little smaller and a little less talented. Seems like a good fit for the Senators, who've built a solid group of top nine forwards who play full end to end games.Ryan PulockPulock's calling card is a bazooka from the point clocked at 102 at a Wheat Kings skills competition. Pulock won't wow you, he's just steady.
18Red WingsAlexander WennbergThe top Swede left to the Red Wings sounds like a cliche, but he's a talented player with solid two-way ability. A good fit for the Wings, irregardless of his nationality.Alexander WennbergWennberg is a big, skilled center from Sweden that carried his team leading the team in game winning goals. He has a knack for being in the right place at the right time.
19Blue Jackets (from Rangers)Josh MorrisseyHighly skilled defenseman who will be quarterbacking a powerplay in the NHL in the future. He needs to round out his game, but the Jackets have the organizational depth to wait a couple years for him to develop.Frederik GauthierGauthier is a monster center who stands 6'5 210. Gauthier is expected to be a third line center like Martin Hanzel or Jordan Staal, but was a point per game player in the QMJHL.
20SharksFrederik GauthierSomething of a boom-bust pick. He's a late bloomer who just finished his rookie season in the QMJHL. But the package of 6'5 210lbs plus skill and skating will see him go in the first round. Sharks have the current top end talent to wait a year or two on a project.Mirco MuellerMueller was Jackets top prospect Ryan Murray's D partner in Everett before Murray was injured. Mueller isn't flashy but most scouts believe he'll be a solid dman that can fit anywhere on your blueline.
21Maple LeafsAnthony ManthaSome people *cough Jas cough* LOVE Mantha. Me, I always worry a little about older guys putting up huge numbers. Mantha is the oldest player in his draft year, two days away from being the the 2012 draft. He's got a nice size-skill package that will see him go in round one either way.Ryan HartmanHartman is a "love him as a teammate, hate to play against him" type of player. Hartman was at his agitating best helping the US win the gold medal at the most recent World Juniors.
22Flames (from Blues)Zach FucaleThe Flames have a gaping whole in net, and Fucale is one of the more impressive draft eligible CHL goaltenders in recent memory. His 6'1 height is all that keeps him from the top ten.Curtis LazarLazar is another hard working player who picked up 23 points in last 20 games, including 14 of his 38 goals. Lazar is a jack of all trades and is another player that's not afraid to drop the gloves, fighting top prospects Darnell Nurse at the CHL Top Prospects Game.
23CapitalsAdam ErnePower forward with great speed, Erne should fit in nicely with the big but talented forward corps the Caps are assembling. Josh MorrisseyMorrissey is a small but skilled blueliner who has high competitive instincts and a good ability to read the play.
24CanucksPavel BuchnevichHighly skilled winger who is a bit of a project. Canucks can afford to wait a couple years for him to develop until he comes over from Russia.Kerby RychelRychel is a back-to-back 40 goal scorer who's not afraid to drop the gloves while playing for ex-Jackets assistant coach Bob Boughner.
25CanadiensKerby RychelHas a good shot, but there are questions on how well his offense will translate to the NHL. But he's a smart player who works hard, so he'll fit just fine in the Canadiens top nine.Robert HaggHagg is a big but not flashy defenseman earning the coach's trust and having to try and shutdown Yakupov at the World Juniors.
26DucksRobert HaggThe Ducks still don't have the deepest of D, and Hagg is probably the best player left on the board. He's a great skater with offensive flourish, but he needs work on his defensive play.Shea TheodoreTheodore is a skilled dman scoring 50 points in 71 games after picking up 35 in 69 last season, Theodore is a good skater and rushes the puck well.
27Blue Jackets (from Kings)JT CompherAnother guy who just fits with the Blue Jackets. Hard worker, two way player, good hockey sense, physical, enough talent to play a second line role. JT CompherCompher sounds like an American Boone Jenner, as he's a tireless worker and a leader serving as captain of the US U18 team. Compher sounds like he's not afraid to get in the other teams face.The only negative is he's a Michigan commit.
28Flames (from Penguins)Mirco MuellerMueller has great hockey sense and really thinks the game well. This helps him both with and without the puck, as he is rarely out of position and is a great passer. Everything else is fairly average, but his mind will still make him a top four defenseman, something the Flames sure could use.Samuel MorinMorin is another mammoth dman, clocking in at 6'7" 200lbs. That would help bring the organization bring in some size, something it needs.
29Stars (from Bruins)*Ryan HartmanA very solid two way forward. Another guy who works hard, does the little things, and is skilled enough to play in a top nine, maybe even a top six.Nic PetanNic Petan tied for the WHL scoring lead with 120 points but stands only 5'8" 163lbs. Despite being that small, Nic isn't afraid to go to the net/battle in the corners.
30Blackhawks*Shea TheodoreThe Hawks weak spot is their aging defense, and Theodore could be a remedy to that in a couple years. He's extremely talented, a fantastic skater, has a huge shot, and very high upside. He's got a lot of work to do on his game without the puck, and needs to really learn how to play defense. But he would have great mentors in Keith and Seabrook in Chicago.Oliver BjorkstrandBjorkstrand would bring a goal scoring touch that this organization lacks, as he scored 31 goals as a rookie with Portland. Oliver has goal scoring in his genes as father Todd scored 50 goals 4 times in Denmark.

* The 29th and 30th picks will flip if the Bruins defeat the Blackhawks.

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  • Definitely hoping we grab Domi, Mantha, and/or Horvat. Would also be phenomenal if Wennberg drops that far, he’s not too far off from Forsberg last year. I think Jarmo may have to swing some trades to move up a spot or 2 in the draft to grab some of these players. I’m curious why you (and many others) think Horvat is going to go so high. He’s basically a more skilled Boone Jenner at best, which seems to me to be worth of a mid to late first round selection in a deep draft. I would be thrilled to see the Jackets pick him, but not before #19. I’m also curious what your thoughts on Burakowsky are as you obviously have a high opinion of him. I heard that because of his struggles playing against men that he sticks to the perimeter. Reminds me of a certain phenomenally talented Russian a few year back. Certainly Burakowsky has a phenomenal skillset though and likely isn’t Filatov 2.0, but it seems riskier to pick him compared to some of the North American high scorers.

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