Tyutin’s Ticklers Test Twitter Trend

In the past month or so there has been a proliferation of Blue Jackets “player fan groups” on Twitter. These groups are multiplying like proverbial rabbits right now and it’s hard to keep up. Here’s my best effort at a list (in alphabetical order):

  • Atkinson’s Army
  • Artem’s Amigos
  • Bob’s Cop
  • Boll’s Brigade
  • Boone’s Goons
  • Calvert’s Calvalry
  • Dubinsky’s Devotees
  • Foligno’s Flock
  • Horton’s Horde
  • Johnansen Junkies
  • Marian’s Militia
  • Murrays Minions
  • Prout’s Patrol
  • Rychel’s Raiders
  • Tugger’s Nuts
  • Tyutin’s Ticklers


What in the wide world of sports is going on here? It’s possible that most of these accounts are the product of one person with an OCD issue, but I don’t think so.  If my research is accurate, Boone’s Goons was the first of these groups and they have the most followers. To be quite honest, this is a fun account. They have posted some very good Photoshop stuff. I haven’t had a chance to check out all the others yet, but they will have to bring it to keep up with the Goons.  What exactly Tyutin’s Ticklers are going to bring to the party is anybody’s guess, but things could get real weird real quick. It turns out that it’s actually kind of fun to try to construct these player fan group names. I challenged myself to come up with five, spending no more than a minute on each one (which I am assuming is how you do it). Here goes:

  • Ryan’s Privates
  • Wiz’s Wise Asses
  • Dubi’s  Doobie Doos
  • Cam’s Wam Bam Thank You Ma’ams
  • Nathan’s Hot Dogs


(I’m kind of proud of that last one.) As fun as that was, I don’t know if I like all of these fan groups. (Maybe you already picked up on that.) I’m more of a “united we stand, divided we fall” guy. And frankly, I don’t need any more amigos on Twitter. Or maybe I’m just in a piss poor mood (like I usually am the morning after a loss.) What do you think of all these fan groups? Do you want to take the Five Name Challenge? Weigh in by leaving a comment.

CORRECTION: According to Boone’s Goons, they weren’t the original player fan group. They claim it was Boll’s Brigade.

10 Responses to 'Tyutin’s Ticklers Test Twitter Trend'

  1. Nate Zufelt says:

    If they add some fun and unique aspects to the table, I’m all for it. If they just tweet “RT this” for more followers (or *shudder* just tweet a bunch of non-CBJ crap) then no dice.

  2. Calvert's Cavalry says:

    I started Calvert’s Cavalry on a suggestion from the creator of Horton’s Horde before he went live on that account, and thought it was something fun to do. Boone’s Goons is the original and best. I think since Rimer mentioned the Goons the explosion of every other twitter account has cheapened it by a lot (I realize the irony of my comment) and taken some of the fun out. I think the only logical way to end this and start a CBJ apocalypse is with a new twitter account for @Rimers_Rapplerousers.

  3. Dennis P says:

    Where’s McKenzie’s Maulers? Umberger’s Humburglers, Prout’s Pride, Savard’s Stompers, Nikitan Patches and the obvious, but somewhat unflattering, Johnson’s Johnsons.

    It’s fun, it’s harmless, but if everyone of these groups gets a banner at Nationwide, we got a problem.

  4. TyutinsTicklers says:

    I am so honored to have a blog mentioning me with existing for less than 24 hours. While I did start the handle last night in fun, I think I might just enjoy it. I promise to clean, but it might get weird sometimes as you expect. The name comes from what I have been yelling for years at Tyutin, “Tickle’m Tyutin”. Trying to egg our Russian defender into checking our opponent or “Tickling them.” It just rolled off the tongue one night and it has stuck.

  5. Dennis Kelley II - One Half of Boone's Goons says:

    After a few weeks of talking with a buddy of mine (and a night consisting of ALOT of Miller High Life), Boone’s Goons was born as a way to get the word out about Boone and CBJ while making people laugh.

    I agree with Nate. There should be something unique about these accounts and they should never be about anything more than fun. The minute I feel Boone’s Goons isn’t fun anymore, I’ll pull the plug.

    It should be noted the first accounts I noticed were Boll’s Gloves and @BobSaysNO. Also, there is a really cool guy @LtBobrovsky who actually posts as a beat cop. Now, that’s unique.

    Anyway, this was a great blog post. We too are wondering where all this is going. In the end, I hope it somehow benefits the Blue Jackets more than anything else.


    • Nate Zufelt says:

      Dennis I commend you on your approach with “Boone’s Goons.” I just watched that video you all made and it is absolutely incredible. Great work!

    • AlisonL says:

      You’ve definitely set a good standard Dennis! Love the background story too.

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