Through the Quad and Into the Gymnasium!

Posted by Gregin120 on January 23, 2014
Columbus Blue Jackets

You probably know the Blue Jackets have won 7 games in a row. But did you know that since March 1, 2013 Columbus has the sixth highest winning percentage in the NHL, and second highest among Eastern Conference teams? You probably live in Columbus if you did know that. If you are not from Columbus, give yourself a pat on the back if you even knew that the Blue Jackets are now playing in the Eastern Conference.

I’m at the Capitals game the other night with my friend Bill. Right in front of us are four Caps jerseys. They turned out to be really nice folks. Or at least they never got a chance to be anything but nice as the Blue Jackets jumped the Caps right from the get-go in epic fashion. We bantered back and forth with the group, but mainly with one guy in particular. He seemed to be a very knowledgeable fan and was pretty cool, until he questioned our knowledge of the game because we had never played it. I guess Mr. Caps Jersey Wearing Fan thinks he’s an expert since he played hockey in Canada. Some of the folks around us were probably buying it too, until he leaned over to me and Bill, nodded his head in approval of the Blue Jackets and asked, ” So where are you guys in your division?”

To the rest of the NHL the Blue Jackets are still an expansion team that has never fully expanded. It’s hard for them to put a 7 game win streak in context (especially if they don’t know what division the team is in). Maybe these little factoids will help them gain some perspective:

  • The Blue Jackets are the eighth-highest scoring team in the NHL and rank third in the Eastern Conference behind Pittsburgh andBoston (2.84 goals per game).
  • The Blue Jackets rank 5th in the Eastern Conference and 11th in the NHL in positive goal-differential (+5).
  • The Blue Jackets have compiled a 20-10-4 record since November 9.
  • The Blue Jackets’ 8-1-0 record is currently the NHL’s best in January 2014.
  • The Blue Jackets’ seven-game winning streak is the longest in franchise history, the longest current streak in the NHL and tied for the third-longest in the NHL this season (Anaheim – 10 games and 8 games).


The Blue Jackets and their fans are going streaking! We’re talking full frontal, flat out, with their green hats on. It’s OK if the rest of the NHL wants to shield their eyes. But if things keep trending the way they are, and the Jackets keep piling up wins, they are going to have to look eventually. And by the time they do take a peek, well … let’s just say that what they will be staring at might very well resemble a certain upright inflatable cannon.

The Blue Jackets will play the 1,000th game in franchise history tonight. Many people will take some time to look back. Pardon me if I don’t. I’m only looking forward. It’s all fun and games until you run naked into a rose bush.


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