Two Ways to Prepare for the February CBJ Blackout

Posted by Gregin120 on February 05, 2014
Columbus Blue Jackets

The last month has been like one long party. Sure, there was that little three game losing streak, which was sort of like having to leave the party to pick up your buddy after he got off work. But then you drove right back to the party with your buddy.

Now it’s raging. The music is cranked. The beer bongs are out. And then just when things are about to hit Defcon 1, somebody yells, “The cops are coming!” In other words, the Olympics are upon us and we’re going to have to go three weeks without our CBJ fun fix. I don’t know about you, but I’m depressed. Don’t get me wrong, I like watching Olympic hockey as much as the next person, even if it’s in the morning, and even if that means my hangovers are now going to start around dinner time. But I’d give up the Olympics in a Sochi second if it meant I didn’t have to disembark from the Blue Jackets 2014 Party Cruise for three weeks. It’s a classic case of Premature Party Interruptus.

No cannon. No “Bobrovsky!” hugs. No Dancing Kevin. No chili. No pitza, in the morning or any other time of the day. I like pitza, dammit! What’s a CBJ fan to do?

Viewing Party Graphic Idea

First, you can get your fun-loving self down to R-Bar this Friday night (February 7th) for Late Night with DKM Hockey and The Artillery. The fun whacky guys who bring us the DKM Podcast are joining forces with the fun whacky guys from The CBJ Artillery to host this viewing party for the last game before things go dark. You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that this event is going to be fun and whacky. The DKM crew will be podcasting during the intermissions and they are inviting you to stop by, pick up a microphone and say hello. There will be games, contests, prizes and, hopefully, one big giant group “Bobrovsky” hug at the end. Sounds like lots of fun, right? It’s not going to get you through the CBJ blackout in and of itself, but it will certainly charge your fun battery to 100%. How you manage it over the next three weeks is up to you. (Turning down your brightness level always helps).

Another way to help you get though the Dark Period of No CBJ Hockey is to have something really fun to look forward to, like a proper road trip to see the Blue Jackets play in Nashville on March 8th.  The Jacket Backers are making their annual trek to Music City and you are invited. The trip includes deluxe motor coach travel to and from Nashville aboard the Funbus (that’s what it says on the website, I’m not making it up), a club level ticket to the game, overnight accommodations at the Best Western, Downtown Convention Center, complimentary continental breakfast at the hotel in the morning (ibuprofen not included), raffle, prizes and more (like potentially a giant group “Bobrovsky!” hug on the Funbus!), all for just $230.  That’s about the same as what it would cost you to go to Nationwide two or three times to see the CBJ in February, which you are not going to do. But you have to sign up by this Thursday, February 6th.  Get all the details here.

No matter how entertaining the Olympics turn out to be, the next three weeks are pretty much going to peg the suckometer. Somehow, we’ll get through it. And then the real party is going to start.

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