We Like Cannonfest and We Like Pizza!

Posted by AlisonL on August 22, 2014

Cannonfest V is just a little more than a week away. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you at Strongwater Food & Spirits on Sunday, August 31st! 1-4 pm for those of you still needing to add this to your calendars, by the way!

There’s a lot of fun stuff planned, but at it’s core, Cannonfest has always been about the CBJ community – those who love and support the team. So we wanted to be sure to find a way to get YOU involved even more than just coming out and enjoying the fun!

So with that, we are proud to announce the 2014 Cannonfest V Video Contest! (The We Like Pitza Edition)

If you’ve been to Cannonfest before you know that some of the very best content comes from the fan community – so we’re counting on you guys to continue that tradition. Our friends over at The CBJ Artillery are going to be in charge of this contest – follow them by the way for continued updates and info. It’s a special honor to have these guys involved, since Cannonfest IV was the moment the Artillery really took off and they’ve brought a lot to the fan community in the past year.

Here’s the details of how to participate…

Everyone knows “The Pitza Song” so this is a challenge to each of you to make your own video that celebrates all the feels about it.

We’ve got a couple requirements…

1. Gotta mention Papa John’s, and if you reall want to impress tie in Central Ohio/Columbus

2. Gotta tie it all to the CBJ 

3. And OF COURSE you know what has to be playing! (this version please)

There’s no length requirement, just get something up on YouTube…and get your submissions in!

The deadline for submissions is 5p.m. Thursday, August 28th.

And this part is very important – tweet a link to your YouTube video to @TheCBJArtillery with the hashtag #WeLikePizzaCBJ

Our trusty friends at Artillery will be selecting some winners…oh and did we mention that winners get a year of free Papa John’s pizza? Yep. That’s happening.

Winners may even get your video played for all of Cannonfest on the big screen!

So get to work everyone – think pitza, think CBJ think VIDEOS!

Oh and hey – if you’re joining us for the ‘Fest, don’t forget to let us know we’ll see you – use the hashtag #SeeYouAtCannonfest on twitter and we’ll get ya on the list!

Go Jackets!

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