The Union Blue is a collection of Columbus Blue Jackets enthusiasts who are committed to sharing opinions, experiences, and information with the hockey world. Be sure to follow @TheUnionBlue on twitter for all site related news and information.


Union Blue Contributors

 @Canadan82 :: Dan has been an avid follower of hockey for over twenty-five years, whether it is playing, coaching, watching, or discussing the game.  He is committed to providing detailed analyses on all things related to the Blue Jackets, including on ice successes and failures, off ice personel moves, and arena experiences.

@AlisonL :: Alison is a pivotal member of the now slightly famous #CBJTweetUp experience, and is a tremendous resource for discussion related to the fan experience.  A frequent Nationwide visitor and a long standing Derek Dorsett fan, Alison will rarely hold back to provide a gripping story about the life and times of Blue Jackets fans. She also plays hockey, poorly.

@TheCoachUB :: Coming from a lifetime of hockey experience in all facets of the game, the Coach often will focus on detailed in game analysis and statistical breakdowns.  Expect everything you would come to expect from a coach, from the whiteboard to the video breakdowns.

@CBJProspects :: The Union Blue’s resident prospect knowledge expert.  His focus is to keep the Blue Jackets fan base up to date on prospect information through weekly updates and coverage of breaking prospect news.

@DerDrache :: When not maintaining his glorious beard, Ken is our resident photographer who always brings his unique visual perspective to everything he covers. A lifelong hockey fan and CBJ season ticket holder, Ken also provides written contributions and analysis from time to time.

@Gregin120 :: Greg is a humorist who has been providing his punch-drunk takes on life as a CBJ fan since he started blogging in 2009. As a former local sports bar owner, Greg co-founded Cannonfest. He’s also a lawyer, a dangerous poker player and a professional plate-spinner.

@RockmanHalo :: Brett is a relatively newer fan of the Jackets and hockey in general, Brett employs his humor and artistic skills to articulate a light and colorful side to hockey talk. Rarely outspoken and even more rarely correct, he’s got a picture for everything.