Three Stars and Game in One Picture: CBJ @ BUF

Posted by AlisonL on October 09, 2014
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Well friends, it’s hockey season. Welcome back to the crazy 82 game ride. Luckily, the Jackets started on an up note. Buffalo, a team that finished in last place last season, wasn’t exactly an intimidating opponent and arguably a welcome first opponent for a very different looking Jackets roster than a lot of fans expected. Nonetheless, the team suited up, with newly returned Ryan Johansen and three rookies suited up to beat the Sabres 3-1.

If you’ve not been with the Union Blue for these recaps in the past, a quick primer. Every game we look at the three stars as named on and let you know if we agree or disagree. We then name one “stud” and one “dud” from the game and wrap it all up with a glorious piece of art from the famous @RockmanHalo. So let’s get to it…

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Hockey. It is here.

Posted by AlisonL on October 09, 2014
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It starts tonight.  For the Jackets  they are one of 30 teams, playing 82 games each. Fighting to play for what really matters…the Stanley Cup. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The off-season has been one big storyline of a number one center and his (lack of) contract, followed by a training camp that was a variation of “bet you didn’t see THAT coming”. The lineup is currently one that no one could have predicted and more changes are sure to come – not only those due to players fans will love to welcome back but also due to trades, players not performing, or (gasp!) another injury. There are nerves, and there are question marks. People are already wondering when contracts will be signed for players due to be free agents after the season.

But for now – just for now – remember the anticipation.

Today, Jackets fans are filled with hope. Nothing has been lost, nothing has been gained. Today – it’s truly possible that by the end of this season anything could happen. So for now, remember how much you desperately waited for NHL hockey to return. How you clamored for updates on the team or on your favorite player…remember when the weather turned, just about a week or so ago, and that cool crisp bite re-entered the air, signaling that it’s time to return to the rink.

No one knows what this season will bring, but it’s sure to bring concern, celebration, questioning, frustration and times when you can’t believe what’s happening. So for now, as the first puck prepares to drop on the Blue Jackets season, remember right now. Because right now you know all the reasons that you love hockey so much. It’s just might take a few months and 82 (or more!) games to remind you of that again.

Carry the Flag – Go Jackets.



Putting the FEST in Cannonfest!

Posted by AlisonL on August 29, 2014
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‘Twas the Friday before Cannonfest and all through the city, everyone was getting excited and the planners were busy! Ok but seriously…

Cannonfest V is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited for all that we have in store.

With the fun just two days away, we wanted to share some of the great details we have in store for everyone who comes out.

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We Like Cannonfest and We Like Pizza!

Posted by AlisonL on August 22, 2014
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Cannonfest V is just a little more than a week away. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you at Strongwater Food & Spirits on Sunday, August 31st! 1-4 pm for those of you still needing to add this to your calendars, by the way!

There’s a lot of fun stuff planned, but at it’s core, Cannonfest has always been about the CBJ community – those who love and support the team. So we wanted to be sure to find a way to get YOU involved even more than just coming out and enjoying the fun!

So with that, we are proud to announce the 2014 Cannonfest V Video Contest! (The We Like Pitza Edition)

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Three Stars and Game in One Picture: CBJ @ NSH

Posted by AlisonL on March 09, 2014
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Wow. Well that was a game. It was everything we love and hate about the match ups with Nashville – physical play where one big play usually makes the difference. Now you can add stellar goal tending to the recurring trend of these games. Who can forget the flurry of saves Bob made against Nashville in the final game last season and he would do it again in the closing seconds to preserve another win. In his post game interview, James Wisniewski said that was as close to a playoff game as you get. I have to agree. We were fortunate enough to be at the game and the atmosphere was pins and needles. That game was intense, hard hitting hockey. That’s what you want to see – that’s what JD has promised us…and tonight we got it (well at least after the first period). With the Jackets’ divisional opponents scooping up points tonight the win was essential and the boys in Union Blue got it done. They travel to Dallas next and I have to believe they are gonna need the day in between to recover from that match up. So on to the three stars…

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Stars of the Night and Game in One Picture: Carolina @ CBJ

Posted by AlisonL on January 11, 2014
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Going into tonight’s game, the Blue Jackets faced 9 of their next 12 games at home; an advantage in what is important stretch if the boys in Union Blue want to be in the playoff mix. That home stand started against the Carolina Hurricanes tonight and getting a win was of the highest importance. There were a lot of storylines – Horton’s first game in Columbus, Bob and Calvert were back and this Carolina team was coming in red hot after five consecutive wins. After an average first 10 minutes or so, the two teams started to fire and it was the Jackets that would ultimately come out on top with an exciting 3-0 win. Bonus – the game was clean too! No penalties until the third, and only one PK from the CBJ.

There was a good crowd in Nationwide tonight – and it’s great to imagine that a lot of folks who weren’t at earlier games saw an on-ice product that was exciting and will hopefully draw them back again and again. Plus – a previously unknown treasure was discovered tonight…but we’ll get to that. Let’s start with our three stars as named by

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Cannonfest IV – Don’t Miss Out

Posted by AlisonL on August 14, 2013
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The fourth annual Cannonfest is just days away, everyone is talking about it,  and this year’s event promises to be chock full of hockey talk, surprises, and CBJ goodness.

First the logistics:

Cannonfest is THIS SUNDAY – August 18th, 1-4 PM at Buffalo Wild Wings in the Bethel Centre, 5240 Bethel Centre Mall, Columbus. The event is FREE and open to all ages and all who want to attend.

Get there early because you don’t want to miss a moment of what’s planned this year. We’re proud to honor the tradition of Cannonfest set by Founders Tom, Matt and Greg with great hockey talk and fan-focused fun — this year’s event has no shortage of things to enjoy:

  • CBJ videos, including the exceptional work of Tom Larrow – who is bringing TWO videos this year
  • A Blue Jackets memorabilia display that features jerseys and other collectibles from throughout the Jackets’ history
  • An NHL 13 Hockey Tournament sponsored by Arch City Army
  • Appearances by Stinger, members of the Pepsi Power Patrol and Kia Ice Crew
  • Opportunities to meet and join fan groups including Jacket Backers and Arch City Army
  • A live podcast from DKM Hockey
  • Displays and special offers from Tilly Hockey

We also continue to provide opportunities to give back to our community (and help YOU get something!)

  • Contribute to the Blue Jackets Foundation! Stop by the Jacket Backers station and place your bids for the 50/50 raffle and our annual Cannonfest raffle. Prizes include:
    • A Ryan Johansen signed CBJ Pennant
    • A 2012-13 Team-signed stick
    • A Marian Gaborik signed puck
    • Yuengling hockey-themed Mirror
    • Yuengling hockey-themed neon sign
    • Coors light NHL Neon sign
    • And more….!
  • Make a difference for pets and those who love them by supporting the Sedona Grace Foundation.
    • Bring a donation of dry dog food (4.5 lbs or more – preferrably not store brand) and you’ll get a coupon for 10% off your total food order at Cannonfest!

As you can see there is TONS to be excited about…and we still have to keep just a few surprises under wraps!

So show up early – grab a good seat, take in all Cannonfest has to offer, because this year will be like no other.

Don’t forget to RSVP and tell us your coming – this year’s event is something you do NOT want to miss.


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Where Could Bob Go?

Posted by AlisonL on June 24, 2013
Columbus Blue Jackets, Roster Talk / 2 Comments

When Sergei Bobrovsky began to show flashes of league leading greatness this past season it was both a blessing and a curse for the Blue Jackets front office. Last off season, Scott Howson traded for one guaranteed year of Bobrovsky in net. The theory was it was a chance to see if Bob could earn his keep as a starting goalie and provide a solution to the CBJ netminding woes. Boy did he. Bob ended the regular season with the second highest save percentage for all goalies (second only to Anderson) and fifth in GAA. He earned every bit of the Vezina trophy. The award recognition was a welcome celebration for both the goaltender and our club, but it also turned the tables squarely in the favor of Bob when it came to contract negotiations. That one year gamble has turned into a looming large payday for Bob. Continue reading…

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Money on the Board Recap – Columbus @ Dallas 4/25

Posted by AlisonL on April 26, 2013
Columbus Blue Jackets, Game Discussion / 4 Comments

Ask yourself honestly – if someone had told you in January of 2013 that the Blue Jackets would be in contention for a playoff spot, would you have believed them? What this roster of players has done this year is nothing short of amazing. A group of guys that pretty much every major media outlet slotted into 30th in the league refused to listen to the naysayers. They fought their way through a compressed schedule, crisscrossing the country to play 48 games of hockey on little rest. Somehow, these guys, these Blue Jackets, now find themselves battling the Detroit Red Wings and Minnesota Wild for 8th in the Western Conference and last night, in the latest in a string of “must win” games, the team stepped up and delivered once again – bringing home the 3-1 win.

So pick your adjective – stunning, shocking, wonderful, amazing, timely, deserved, due – whatever you choose, the Blue Jackets are it. This isn’t the team we’ve seen in years past – where sometimes we as fans felt like we wanted success more than they did – this is the team that demands respect and demands success. So what is a fan base to do? Well, we wanted to find a way to send a love letter to this team – to let them know what it means to see them build this kind of season of hockey. We’ve stood behind this team for a long time, this kind of run is what we’ve hoped for. So what better way to do that then to help the community in which this team resides while celebrating all that the boys in Union Blue have done. Thus, the second Money on the Board was born, and it caught like wildfire.

As of this morning, the final tallies are in:

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CBJ Money on the Board…LISTEN to this!

Posted by AlisonL on April 23, 2013
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Yesterday, we shared with you “Money on the Board” to help rally behind our team as they play the Dallas Stars, and to also do some good for others. Suffice it to say, the response has been staggering – in the best of ways.

CBJ fans have come out in droves. As of this writing, 82 people have pledged a total of $1736 for a Blue Jackets Regulation win. $809 additional dollars for incentives have been pledged – and that number will only increase. Charities will receive an additional $140 if we see a shut*ut, and every single save by Bobrovsky brings in $6.65! He’s averaging 27 saves a game so that looks like another $179.55 in donations. So far, charities that will be receiving funds include the Blue Jackets Foundation, the Ronald McDonald House, the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, the Red Cross and One Fund Boston.

We’ve also had some creative submissions including:

  • $20 if Dallas has a goal waived off for a B.S. distinct kicking motion (Joe Wilkins)
  • $.25 for every use of profanity (Brett Ireland)
  • $50 if Fox Sports Ohio airs the post game Foligno-Bobrovsky hug (Dave Cottone)

Had the team found out yet? Well we got our answer today courtesy of the tremendous Lori Schmidt from our CBJ flagship station, 97.1 The Fan (twitter). Coach Todd Richards and Marian Gaborik visited with her today and shared their thoughts after hearing the latest about our #CBJMotB efforts – take a listen!

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