Three Stars and Game in One Picture: MTL @ CBJ

Posted by Brett Ireland on January 15, 2015
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The Jackets…ugh…the Jackets came into Nationwide Arena tonight looking to find a way to stop spinning around the deep end, 10 feet underwater. Metaphorically, the Blue Jackets seem to be stuck in a deep, dark end of the pool with no way to tell which was is up, down, left, right or what. The bad news is, that while they’re drowning the other 4 teams ahead of them keep pouring water into the pool. See the problem here? For 50 or so minutes the Jackets looked like they had done exactly what they needed to do: played a solid enough game against a good foe to lock up two points and right themselves, even if it was still 10 feet under the meniscus point of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Then, terror struck.

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Goal Breakdown: Good and Bad Foligno, Quick Passes, and Tropp Goes Many Places

Posted by The Coach on January 14, 2015
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The last few games have provided plenty of goals for and (mostly) against which to look at in further detail (21 goals against and 15 goals for in only five January games). I’m only going to break down two goals though, one against the Blue Jackets during their 5-2 loss to the New York Islanders, and the game winning goal by the CBJ against the Dallas Stars. Now let’s get down to business.
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January 5-11 CBJ Prospect Week in Review

Posted by CBJProspects on January 11, 2015
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Greetings all! back to some semblance of normalcy with the week in review.

Starting off in Springfield as we always do. First some news on Monday – the AHL announced its All Star rosters with Falcons defenseman Austin Madaisky and goaltender Anton Forsberg being named to the roster. The AHL does it backwards (or smarter?) compared to the NHL. They announce their roster first then have fans vote on the starters – you can vote here to get Anton and Austin in the starting lineup.

As far as on the ice goings on – the boys started off in a game against rival Providence where they picked up a 2-1 win. The Baby Bears opened the scoring in the first before the Falcons scored twice in the second period. Marko Dano scored his eighth of the season with Michael Chaput and Frederic St Denis picking up assists. Four minutes later, Adam Cracknell scored his first with the Falcons with Luke Adam and Kerby Rychel picking up assists. Anton Forsberg made 29 saves in the win – his 17th win of the season.

Up next against Hartford, TJ Tynan opened the scoring off a pretty passing sequence with Trent Vogelhuber and Ryan Craig. After a Dylan McIlrath goal, (I’m as surprised as all of you) Rychel scored his eighth of the season when he deflected a St. Denis shot to make it 2-1. After the Pack tied it, Madaisky gave the Falcons the lead when he snapped a shot home to make it 3-2 but the Pack tied it with only 35 seconds remaining. The Falcons would end up falling in overtime when one time Jacket (Traverse City only, but still) Marek Hrivik scored 4:30 into overtime. Oscar Dansk made 32 saves in the loss.

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Three Stars and Game in One Picture: NYI @ CBJ

Posted by DerDrache on January 10, 2015
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I was interested to see how the Blue Jackets would respond to last night’s loss in Toronto and tonight’s outing certainly wasn’t what I had hoped for. The following panel from the box score pretty much sums up tonight’s effort from the boys in blue:

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 9.36.46 PM

Any time you allow yourselves to get outshot by a 4:1 ratio in the first you’re in for a long evening. When Jack Johnson buried a PP goal early, it created a glimmer of hope that the CBJ could turn it around but sadly that never happened. On to tonight’s three stars.

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All-Star Fun in Columbus – Join Us

Posted by Staff on January 10, 2015
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The All-Star Game is coming to Columbus! To celebrate a once in a generation event, The Union Blue and Buckeye State Hockey have partnered to bring you a slate of activities to celebrate the CBJ blog / social media community. We’re excited to invite each of you to join us for any and all of the following!

Wednesday, January 21, from 4:45 – 5:30 we will have EXCLUSIVE access to the outdoor rink on McPherson Square as part of the Winter Park. For $5 you can join us. We’ll have sticks and pucks too to play around with – if there’s interest in getting a mini skills competition together, we’d love to hear that from you too!

After enjoying the outdoor ice, we’ll move indoors to enjoy a great meal at Rodizio Grill and then move to a location that we’re working on to watch the CBJ game (the boys play at Winnipeg that night).

Friday evening we will be hosting an event in conjunction with Puck Daddy at Bernard’s Tavern in the Short North. This event will run from 6-10 on the 23rd:

Happy Hour prices will run from 6-8 at the bar including half price beer (bottle or draft) and $2.25 well drinks. From 8-10 they will be running a special including $3 bud light draft, $4 Jack Daniel’s Honey, $4 Jagermeister and $4 3 Olive products.

We want to have a fun, safe environment for those visiting us. This cocktail hour will let writers, bloggers and fans alike intermingle and talk about the sport we all love, hockey.

While Friday is more set in stone, over the coming weeks we should be getting more information on our Saturday event. In addition to Columbus hosting the All Star game we would like to give back to the community as well. We are currently looking for a venue to host a service event. We are speaking to multiple venues and expect an announcement in the days to come regarding the location.

Hopefully this provides a little something for everyone – and we want to hear from YOU!

So if you want to join us – please RSVP via this quick survey. There’s also a place for you to ask questions, provide feedback, let us know what else might be fun.

Let’s show the hockey community how fantastic the CBJ fan and blog community really is!

We look forward to it!

~Your friends at Buckeye State Hockey and The Union Blue

Three Stars and Game in One Picture: CBJ @ TOR

Posted by DerDrache on January 09, 2015
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The Jackets wrapped up their road trip in the hockey hotbed of Toronto with a 2-2 record. Going .500 on a road trip would normally be just uninspiring but with as much ground as the CBJ have to make up and with their Metro Division rivals the Capitals and the Rangers performing as well as they have, collecting 4 of 8 possible points can only be considered a disappointment.

While there was reason for optimism early with Ryan Johansen scoring a great individual effort goal, it seemed like the good guys were determined to play tonight’s game on the highest difficulty setting by allowing the Maple Leafs to notch 4 goals in under 9 minutes of regulation play in the first, including an early demoralizing goal off of Cody Goloubef’s stick. The boys in blue seemed to turn it around a bit in the 2nd period by clamping down a bit more defensively and were downright impressive in the 3rd at times with their puck movement but ultimately couldn’t get out of the hole they’d dug themselves in the 1st 20 minutes of play. Tonight’s three stars of the night include: Continue reading…

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CBJ Prospect Week in Review/WJC Recap

Posted by CBJProspects on January 09, 2015
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Greetings all –  I decided to post this a little later than usual so we could get a full recap of the World Junior Championships.

Starting off in Springfield as always, the Falcons opened 2015 in Portland for a game against the Pirates and ex Jacket Mike McKenna. The first period would be all Pirates as they would take a 3-0 lead before Lukas Sedlak scored his first career shorthanded goal. Almost exactly 10 minutes later, Frederic St Denis scored his second goal of the season before the Pirates notched two more to make it 5-2. Dana Tyrell got a late third period power play goal, and Austin Madaisky picked up an assist on both power play goals. Anton Forsberg made 27 saves in the loss.

Up next was a game against Worcester. The Birds spotted the baby Sharks a 2-0 lead before Marko Dano scored his seventh of the year. In the second period Trent Vogelhuber gathered a loose puck skating and was stopped but Marko picked up the rebound to make it 2-1. After another Sharks goal, Jamie Sifers scored early in the third but it was  the little Irishman who would tie it. TJ Tynan skated in through three Sharks to start  a sequence he would finish when Luke Adam found Tynan in front. The game went to a shootout with Kerby Rychel scoring the only goal of the shootout – clinching the victory. Oscar Dansk made 24 saves plus three more in the shootout for his fifth win of the season.

To close out the weekend the Falcons welcomed the top team in the East – the Manchester Monarchs. Adam opened the scoring with his fourth since joining the Falcons when he  took a pass from Frederic St Denis. In the third period after a scramble, Lukas Sedlak passed the puck to Josh Anderson who shot and picked up his own rebound to tie the game. The pride of Dublin, Ohio Trent Vogelhuber scored the game winner deflecting or picking up the rebound(hard to tell) of a Jamie Sifers shot. Anton Forsberg made 28 saves in his 16th win of the season.  Here’s Coach Bednar and Josh Anderson’s postgame comments after the Manchester game.

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Three Stars and Game in One Picture: CBJ @ DAL

Posted by Brett Ireland on January 07, 2015
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*taps the mic* Hey? Is this thing on? I know it’s been a while, I was starting to think I was dead myself. Thankfully I am very much alive, or I wouldn’t have been able to be a part of the small (yet quite vocal) swatch of Jackets fans that were treated to a pretty exciting hockey game against the Stars last night at the American Airline Center. I was supremely nervous coming into this one, not just because I was going to a blue guy in a sea of green but because of Dallas’ last home tilt against the Minnesota Wild. The Stars destroyed them 7-1 and made nearly every goal look easy, and with a Jackets team that was winning games on the back of Sergei Bobrovsky the chance for another laugher was (to me) high against a decent Western foe.

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Three Stars and Game in One Picture: CBJ @ COL

Posted by The Coach on January 05, 2015
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The start of this game had me battling semantics. You could probably slice the “start” in three ways. In one way, it was pretty good. The Jackets got a good jump off the opening draw, forced the Avalanche back into their own end, who ended up icing it. That’s a pretty solid way to start off the first faceoff of the game. Another way you can slice it, is to look at the first period. That first period is probably the most dominant period the Jackets have put together this season. It was a master work of Blue Jackets hockey, keeping Colorado in their own ice nearly the entire frame. The Avs took their second shot of the game 1:07 in, yet didn’t pick up their third until their was only 2:29 left in the period. That is astounding. Now there is also a third way you can slice it, and that incorporates the first thirty seconds or so, and one of the worst passes you will ever see a professional hockey player make. David Savard clearly just didn’t see Jarome Iginla until it was too late. But it’s not like he was hiding or anything, he was right there, just above the spot where Savard was planning on passing the puck, with nothing but empty ice before the Jackets net. That was a bad bad bad bad bad play. Fortunately, that play (and a later Savard miscue) didn’t bury the Jackets, and Savard was able to play the hero, scoring the go-ahead 58:59 into the game. This gave the Jackets a 4-3 win, and brought them back up to .500 again after last night’s abysmal game against the Phoenizona Coyotes.

3rd Star: Brandon Dubinsky

There are many sounds to hockey that I love. The first cuts of a skate on a fresh sheet of ice ALWAYS brings a smile to my face. It’s tough to describe the feeling that sound generates. Sometimes, when I haven’t played in awhile, it can literally take my breath away. But it’s also like seeing an old friend, and knowing that nothing has really changed. That is the first sound I think of when I think of hockey. The second is the ping of the post. The post is like an instrument, and can generate multiple sounds depending on how you play it. You hit it dead on, you hear an almost ‘thongggg’ sound, as you hear the hollow of the post. Terrible sound. Makes me grit my teeth, like nails on a chalkboard. Hit it at a right angle and you get a deeper ‘ping’, like Ryan Johansen‘s shot with six minutes left in the game. I hate that sound too. It’s the sound of failure. Even though you beat the goalie, you know the puck is not going in when you hear that sound. Then there is the fainter ‘ping’ when you go bar-down (or post-in). It’s a glorious sound. It’s the purest goal you can score. It means you beat the goalie (obviously), but you put the puck in a spot where it almost didn’t go in either. It’s the Odell Beckham-style one-handed catch of hockey. Anything further the other direction, and you are hearing one of the other post sounds. Such a glorious sound. What does this have to do with Dubinsky? Well just go listen to his second goal again.

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Three Stars and Game in One Picture: MIN @ CBJ

Posted by AlisonL on January 01, 2015
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Merry New Year! Well that was fun. After an unsteady start marred by three penalties and lackluster offensive production, the Jackets came back to win in a defining way by controlling the third period and bringing home a 3-1 win on New Year’s Eve. The victory brings the Jackets record for the month to an unbelievable 10-1-1 which marks the winningest month in Blue Jacket history. A hearty crowd of just over 18,000 people showed up for fireworks both during and after the game. Let’s get on to the three stars as named by

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